Underground Team’s Central Securities Corporation Cyberattack

The Central Securities Corporation cyberattack reportedly includes a vast array of data, from historical reports to personal correspondence, and even employee and relative passports.

by Ashish Khaitan June 11th, 2024

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The Underground Team ransomware group has allegedly claimed a cyberattack on Central Securities Corporation, asserting access to a staggering 42.8 GB of sensitive data compromised, spanning decades of company history and containing a trove of confidential information.

The scope of the Central Securities Corporation cyberattack is staggering, reportedly encompassing a range of data from historical reports to personal correspondence and even passports of employees and their relatives.

Such a comprehensive breach not only threatens the integrity of Central Securities Corporation but also poses a significant risk to the privacy and security of its employees and stakeholders.

Underground Team Ransomware Claims Central Securities Corporation Cyberattack

Source: Dark Web

The aftermath of the Central Securities Corporation cyberattack is evident as the company’s website remains inaccessible, leaving concerned parties in the dark about the extent of the damage and the company’s response. Efforts to reach out to Central Securities Corporation have been impeded by the website’s downtime, exacerbating the sense of urgency surrounding the situation.

The cybercriminals behind the Central Securities Corporation cyberattack have brazenly demanded nearly $3 million in ransom, further compounding the company’s woes.

This incident highlights the ransomware strain like the Underground Team leverages novel approaches to extort money and exploit sensitive data.

Researchers Highlight Underground Team Ransomware Group

Security experts from Cyble have previously warned of the growing prevalence of targeted attacks, where hackers tailor their strategies to infiltrate specific targets with devastating consequences.

The emergence of new ransomware variants highlights the constant battle organizations face in safeguarding their digital assets against evolving threats.

One such variant, the Underground Team ransomware, has caught the attention of researchers for its unique ransom note and sophisticated techniques.

Offering more than just decryption services, the ransom note promises insights into network vulnerabilities and data recovery assistance, signaling a new level of sophistication in ransomware operations.

Technical analysis of the ransomware reveals intricate mechanisms employed to identify and encrypt system files, demonstrating the attackers’ proficiency in exploiting vulnerabilities.

By selectively targeting files and directories while bypassing certain extensions and folders, the ransomware achieves its malicious objectives with alarming efficiency.

As for the cyberattack on Central Securities Corporation, this is an ongoing story and The Cyber Express will be closely monitoring the situation.

We’ll update this post once we have more information on the alleged Central Securities Corporation cyberattack or any official confirmation from the organization. 


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