UAE Urges Android Users Of Samsung Vulnerabilities

Samsung responded with updates including patches from Google's July 2024 Android Security Bulletin and additional fixes.

by Ashish Khaitan July 3, 2024

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In response to recent security vulnerabilities discovered in flagship Samsung models, the UAE Cyber Security Council has issued a critical alert advising users to promptly update their Android devices. These Samsung vulnerabilities, identified in major flagship models, pose significant risks including unauthorized access and potential data theft.

The South Korean smartphone manufacturers responded to these concerns by releasing comprehensive updates, incorporating patches from Google’s Android Security Bulletin for July 2024 alongside additional fixes developed by Samsung. The updates are designed to fortify device security and safeguard user data against emerging threats.

UAE Cyber Security Council Responds to Samsung Vulnerabilities

Source: UAE Cyber Security Council

In a statement shared via social media, the Cyber Security Council emphasized the importance of these updates, highlighting their role in mitigating risks associated with the identified Samsung vulnerabilities. Users are strongly encouraged to ensure their devices are updated to the latest available version.

Samsung has acknowledged the complexity involved in delivering timely security updates, citing potential delays due to regular OS upgrades. However, users can rest assured that all OS upgrades will include up-to-date security patches upon delivery. While striving to expedite security patch delivery to all applicable models, Samsung acknowledges that the timing may vary based on regions and specific device models.

Furthermore, Samsung clarifies that certain patches from chipset vendors may not be immediately integrated into the current security update package. These patches will be included in upcoming security update packages as soon as they are finalized.

Samsung Responds to Vulnerabilities in Flagship Devices

Samsung has also provided detailed information regarding the vulnerabilities addressed in the updates, including a comprehensive list of Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures (SVE) items. These enhancements aim to bolster customer confidence in the security of Samsung mobile devices.

The Security Maintenance Release (SMR) process includes patches sourced from Google’s Android Security Bulletin up to July 2024, complemented by Samsung Semiconductor patches. Google’s contributions to the update include critical and high-severity patches, such as CVE-2024-31320 and CVE-2024-23698, designed to address vulnerabilities ranging from memory corruption to sensitive information exposure. 

Samsung’s proprietary patches, known as Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures (SVE), cover a range of vulnerabilities across multiple versions of Android, including critical, high, and moderate severity issues. These patches address specific vulnerabilities like improper access controls and input validation flaws in Samsung’s services and applications.

Acknowledging the complexities of the update process, Samsung has highlighted potential delays caused by regular OS upgrades but assures users that security patches are integral to these updates. The company continues to prioritize user security by collaborating with cybersecurity experts and researchers to swiftly identify and mitigate vulnerabilities.


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