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Cybersecurity is a field that's constantly evolving, and with each passing day, the internet becomes a more active and dangerous place. That's why, at TCE Cyberwatch, we're dedicated to keeping you informed. Whether you're a business owner, a government official, or simply someone who values online privacy, TCE Cyberwatch has got you covered.

Each week, The Cyber Express (TCE) brings you the latest updates on cyber threats and their impacts. From recent data breaches to emerging risks and even older attacks resurfacing, TCE Cyberwatch keeps you updated with the latest developments. Keep reading to stay informed and empowered in the digital world.

City of Hope Data Breach: 800,000 Records Exposed

A reputable National Cancer Institute, City of Hope announced the extent of its data breach on the 2nd of April to the public on their website. Originally occurring in September of 2023, the files hacked into contained sensitive personal information of around 800,000 people.

The incident report highlighted the information hacked would have consisted of contact details, social security numbers, government identifications, financial information, medical records, etc. After realizing there was a data breach, City of Hope was quick to implement mitigation measures by enhancing their security protocols with the assistance of cybersecurity experts., along with reporting the incident to law enforcement agencies.

On their behalf, the organization wishes deeply to ensure everyone affected feels protected as they have provided identity monitoring services for two years, free of charge.

Leicester City Hit by Cyberattack; More Data Leaks Feared

Leicester, a prominent city in England, faced a cyberattack and forced the city council to disable phones and computers on March 7. The City Council's strategic director of city developments and neighborhoods, Richard Sword, shared that a ransomware group had targeted the council's servers, which jeopardized and exposed almost 25 confidential documents.

These have surfaced online and revealed personal information ranging from rent statements to passport information. Despite the city council's quick action, the attacking group claims to still have over 3TB of information left to be revealed, creating unease in the city.

Anonymous Breaches Israeli Justice Ministry, Leaks Information in Act of Justice

Anonymous, a famous hacking group, claimed to have successfully breached the servers of the Israeli Ministry of Justice; allegedly obtaining around 300GB of confidential data.

In the video, the group Anonymous stated, “We have already hacked the Zionist regime's justice ministry servers in several operations,” showing the contempt for Israel's actions which resulted in the obtaining of important information regarding details of individuals within its justice system.

The group claims to view the sharing of this information as a “gift” to those who have suffered due to the actions of the Israeli military. In their message to the Israeli government, Anonymous implied an escalation of their work could be coming, as penance for what they view to be an “unequal war”.

Hoya Conglomerate Faces Cyberattack

Hoya Corporation, a Japanese-based conglomerate, faced a cyberattack that hurt its major IT infrastructure and business divisions on March 30th. The Hoya Corporation swiftly responded to a cyberattack by contacting external cybersecurity experts, taking affected systems offline, and also ensuring to notify law enforcement.

They prioritize restoring operations, but customer orders are still being processed with adjustments, efforts are made to mitigate inconveniences, and communication channels with customers are active for updates.

RansomHub Claims Access to Stolen Change Healthcare Data

Security researchers have recently discovered a new development in the ongoing saga of the Change HealthCare data breach. It appears that the RansomHub ransomware group has asserted claims regarding data from the United Health cybersecurity incident.

This incident was reportedly part of the ALPHV ransomware group's final breach and subsequent exit scam, which involved a substantial payment of $22 million.

The group alleges to have obtained around 4TB of data, causing anxiety and raising concerns about the security of Change Health clients and its broader implications. The U.S. government has taken action by offering a $10 million reward for anyone who can identify individuals involved in the ransomware group.

The breach has triggered federal investigations and widespread disruptions, with updates awaited from United Health and the cybersecurity experts handling the case.

Indian Authorities Scrutinize Canva Over Cyber Fraud Surge

The Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre (I4C), operating under the Ministry of Home Affairs, has issued a notice to Canva, an online graphic design platform, regarding the surge in cyber fraud incidents in India associated with the platform.

According to reports by Indian news channel News18, criminals have taken advantage of Canva's popularity to engage in various forms of cyber fraud, including phishing and hosting malicious domains. I4C has urged Canva to promptly address these illicit activities related to cyber fraud on their platform.

SurveyLama Cyberattack Impacts Over 4.4 Million Users

SurveyLama, a survey rewards platform, faced a data breach that exfiltrated over 4.4 million users' personal information. Occurring in February but recently revealed on Have I Been Pwned (HIBP), the compromised data includes email addresses, names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, and hashed passwords.

SurveyLama has initiated a platform-wide password reset and notified users via email to enhance security. The platform was alerted to a potential leak earlier and has taken security measures to strengthen its system.

Greylock McKinnon Associates: Data Breach Exposes Information of 340,000 Users

Greylock McKinnon Associates, an economic analysis and litigation support firm, recently informed more than 340,000 individuals about a data breach that occurred a year ago. The breach was detected on the 30th of May 2023 but took around 8 months to confirm that the compromised personal and Medicare information consisted of names, addresses, Medicare Health Insurance Claim Numbers, which are linked to their Social Security numbers, and more.

However, the data was acquired by the US Department of Justice and GMA has made sure to notify law enforcement and experts. The company is offering affected individuals complimentary credit monitoring services and proactive fraud assistance.

Microsoft Patches Security Gap in Azure Kubernetes Clusters, Preventing Hacker Exploits

Microsoft released a significant security patch addressing over 147 vulnerabilities, notably highlighting a critical flaw in Azure Kubernetes clusters that allows unauthenticated hackers to seize control and steal credentials.

The severity score for this flaw is 9/10, posing a high risk of exploitation to compromise confidential guests and containers. Additionally, the patch bundle addresses remote code execution bugs in a critical Windows Secure Boot bypass already previously exploited, and numerous issues across Windows OS, Microsoft Office, etc., marking Microsoft's largest since 2017.

As we wrap up this week's TCE Cyberwatch news roundup, it's clear that the digital landscape remains dynamic and fraught with challenges. The evolving skills of hackers and the relentless efforts of defenders mean that data breaches continue to occur.

However, TCE observed swift responses from affected companies, ensuring prompt resolution and enhanced customer safety in the future. Risks are mitigated through collaboration with major institutions and external cybersecurity experts, and the digital environment is made more secure.

(Written by Diya Ranjan, Intern at The Cyber Express)


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