R00TK1T Hacker Group Posts Of Upcoming Nestle Cyberattack

's message emphasized their determination to disrupt the virtual tranquility that Nestle had enjoyed.

by Ashish Khaitan March 12, 2024 in Dark Web News, Firewall Daily Reading Time: 3 mins read 0

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The notorious R00TK1T hacker group has made a menacing announcement, indicating that their next target for a cyberattack will be Nestle. This declaration, posted on the dark web, specifically focuses on the Swiss multinational food and beverage corporation.

The announcement, posted by the R00TK1T hacker group warns Nestle stating, “Attention, fellows! We are ROOTK1T, today we unveil our malevolent intentions towards the global company, Nestle. Brace yourselves, chaos is our promise.” This declaration of intent set the stage for a looming confrontation for the organization. 

R00TK1T Hacker Group Plans for Nestle Cyberattack

R00TK1T's message emphasized their determination to disrupt the virtual tranquility that Nestle had enjoyed, signaling an upcoming threat to the company's cybersecurity defenses. With their self-proclaimed arsenal of cyber weaponry, the hacker group aims to target Nestle's critical infrastructure.

Source: Daily Dark Web

“In the dark underbelly of cyberspace, where shadows dance and secrets whisper, we have set our sights on Nestle. The time for complacency has passed, the time for action is now. Prepare to witness the unraveling of digital order, the disruption of virtual tranquility, as we unleash our arsenal of cyber weaponry upon Nestle”, the declaration continued.

With a positive certainty, R00TK1T warned of the upcoming attack, however, the exact date or plans were not shared by the threat actor. Their actions, they proclaimed, would echo through the corridors of cyberspace, leaving behind a trail of disruption and disarray.

Cyberattack on Nestle: Previous Incidents

The threat of a cyber onslaught against Nestle wasn't new. In December 2023, the Team launched a wave of cyberattacks on Israeli organizations, Nestle included among the alleged victims. The motives behind these attacks were rooted in allegations of support for Zionist causes and claims of harmful substances in products destined for Palestinians.

The first leak exposed the complete database of Osem, a prominent Zionist food company owned by Nestle, accusing it of supporting the Israeli army and tampering with food destined for Palestinians.

Similarly, in 2022, Nestlé found itself embroiled in a cybersecurity controversy when it denied suffering a cyberattack despite claims from the hacking group Anonymous.

The leaked data purportedly contained emails, passwords, and client information. The incident occurred amidst tensions surrounding Russia's invasion of Ukraine, with Anonymous threatening companies doing business in Russia.

Who is the R00TK1T Hacker Group?

The R00TK1T hacking group, named after the malicious software “rootkit,” specializes in covert cyber-operations, targeting financial institutions, governments, and corporations. Utilizing techniques like hooking and virtualization, they infiltrate systems to steal data and execute undetected attacks.

Previous cyberattacks linked to the R00TK1T hacker group include breaches in sectors such as education, healthcare, and transportation. Notorious for exploiting vulnerabilities and disgruntled employees, they've claimed responsibility for high-profile attacks on companies like L'oreal and Qatar Airways. 

Despite minimal evidence provided, they've allegedly compromised databases and sensitive information. Their recent target, Sodexo, faced threats of disruption, while the Lebanese government's website fell victim to their cyber-attack, purportedly at the behest of Israeli interests.


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