R00TK1T Hacker Group Escalates Cyberattacks On Egypt

The hacker used the same methods to target all the alleged victims and left several messages on their data leak channel.

by Ashish Khaitan May 14, 2024 in Cybersecurity News, Dark Web News, Firewall Daily, Hacker Claims Reading Time: 3 mins read 0

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In the latest twist of the cyber warfare between Anonymous Egypt group and hackers, the latter has turned up the heat on Egyptian soil, accusing the Anonymous Egypt group of content theft. In a dark web post, R00TK1T has vowed to intensify , targeting major infrastructure and organizations within the nation. 

The retaliation was swift and severe — starting the attacks with cyber assaults on the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade in Egypt and a prominent software company with operations in Egypt. 

The hacker used the same methods to target all the alleged victims and left several messages on their data leak channel, condemning the Anonymous Egypt group, stating, “Anonymous Egypt made a grave mistake thinking they could outsmart us. Now, it's time to show them the true power of our skills. ”

R00TK1T's Cyberattacks on Egypt Post Anonymous Egypt Confrontation

Source: Dark Web

In a declaration on dark web, R00TK1T proclaimed, “Security Is Just An Illusion, Privacy Is Just Another Illusion.” They warned of impending chaos, signaling their determination to disrupt the status quo. Their message resonated with defiance: “F*ck Society & The System! We Are R00TK1T Will Be Anywhere Anytime!”

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade was among the first victims that allegedly fell prey to R00TK1T's infiltration, with the group proudly flaunting evidence of their access to the ministry's most secure networks. 

Source: X

As images surfaced, showcasing the depth of their intrusion, it became clear that R00TK1T's retaliation was not against the hacker group but the whole of Egypt. 

R00TK1T Cyberattacks Intensifies 

Source: X

But these didn't end there. CorporateStack, a renowned company specializing in digital transformation solutions, also fell victim to an alleged cyberattack by the hacker group. 

With clients like Bentley, Vodafone, and Hexa, CorporateStack was a prime target for R00TK1T's message: no entity was beyond their reach. The group's infiltration into CorporateStack's systems sent a clear message to businesses operating in Egypt. 

This is an ongoing story and The Cyber Express will be closely monitoring the situation. We'll update this post once we have more information on the alleged cyberattacks on Egypt by the hacker group or any official confirmation from the organizations listed by R00TK1T hackers. 


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