Microsoft & Proximus Announce 5-Year Strategic Partnership

The newly formed strategic partnership between Microsoft and Proximus, will allow both parties to leverage their respective expertise and product leadership.

by Editorial June 29, 2024

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Microsoft and Proximus Group have formally signed a 5-year strategic partnership, allowing both companies to strengthen their digital lead and accelerate their innovative offerings to business and residential customers in Belgium and abroad.

Both Proximus and Microsoft will reinforce their leadership positions thanks to this partnership.  Microsoft will strengthen its use of the best-in-class products of Proximus’ international affiliates BICS, Telesign and Route Mobile, while Proximus will benefit from Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, leveraging all innovative AI & Data evolutions.

The newly formed strategic partnership between Microsoft and Proximus, will allow both parties to leverage their respective expertise and product leadership, accelerated by the power and potential of AI-applications and solutions. It focuses on three key areas: 

  • Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) and Digital Identity (DI) Collaboration: The partnership will focus on advancing communication platform services, enabling seamless customer engagement across multiple channels. Proximus Group’s expertise in CPaaS and DI, with Telesign and Route Mobile enabled by BICS global networks and coverage will drive innovation in customer communication and security services even further thanks to this partnership. Both organizations will increase their collaboration to make the digital world a safer place, by ensuring trusted communication through Digital Identity and anti-fraud solutions. 
  • Proximus joining forces with Microsoft for a strategic cloud transformation: Key platforms will be migrated to Azure cloud services, ensuring enhanced scalability, quicker market delivery, and strengthened security. The transformation will accelerate the integration of the newest generative AI technologies in customer service and operations. Additionally, it will provide Proximus engineers with a best-in-class development environment to build innovative products and experiences. 
  • Enhanced Go-to-Market for Proximus: Microsoft will work closely with Proximus to optimize its go-to-market strategy, empowering Proximus to optimize its reseller role for Microsoft products and services in Belgium. This collaboration will strengthen Proximus’ position as a top-tier Microsoft reseller in the region and will benefit all Proximus customers who are also users of Microsoft products and services. Another concrete example of this collaboration: the two partners are already working hand in hand to bring some particularly innovative sovereign cloud solutions to market. 

Microsoft and Proximus: Advancing Technology

The collaboration between Microsoft and Proximus underscores their shared commitment to drive technological advancement and deliver unparalleled value to customers across Belgium and abroad.

Both companies are enthusiastic about the future possibilities and are eager to shape the technological landscape together.

Marijke Schroos, General Manager of Microsoft Belux, stated, “This strategic partnership is a confirmation of the shared vision of Microsoft and Proximus when it comes to leveraging the power of innovation through cloud applications and AI innovation. Our combined strengths will create a true powerhouse of technological innovation to the benefit of our partners, customers and society as a whole.”

Guillaume Boutin, CEO of Proximus, shared his excitement: “I’m particularly enthusiastic about this partnership, because when two leading companies join forces, the results are bound to be positive. Our international expansion strategy is bearing fruit, as it now puts us in the right position to sign relevant partnerships with the biggest players in the IT and digital sector, such as Microsoft. This strategic partnership represents excellent news for our business and residential customers, which will continue to benefit from cutting-edge technology and seamless connectivity.”

Boutin also emphasized the benefits for Proximus: “It’s also good news for Proximus as a group, because it will lead Microsoft to strengthen its use of our best-in-class products suites of CPaaS & DI. This new strategic partnership with Microsoft, which will open up new frontiers in communication services, shows how Proximus Group is on track to further redefine customer experiences in Belgium and abroad thanks to the combined efforts of our international affiliates BICS, Telesign and Route Mobile.”


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