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META Stealer V5.0: Enhanced Stealth With Cryptographic Build

The META stealer infostealer now integrates TLS encryption, securing communication between builds and the control panel, underscoring enhanced capabilities and commitment.

by Ashish Khaitan June 18th, 2024

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META stealer v5.0 has recently launched, heralding a new phase of advanced and heightened features for the infostealer. This latest version introduces TLS encryption between the build and the C2 panel, a significant enhancement similar to recent updates in other leading stealers like Lumma and Vidar.

The update announcement (screenshot below) emphasizes several key improvements aimed at enhancing functionality and security. This includes integration with TLS encryption, ensuring secure communication channels between the build and the control panel. This upgrade highlights the malware developer’s commitment to enhance the stealer’s capabilities and reach.

META stealer 5.0 details (source: X)

Decoding the New META Stealer v5.0: Features and Capabilities

The new META Stealer v5.0 update introduces a new build system allowing users to generate unique builds tailored to their specific requirements. This system is supported by the introduction of “Stub token” currency, enabling users to create new Runtime stubs directly from the panel. This feature enhances flexibility and customization options for users.

Another notable addition is the “Crypt build” option, enhancing security by encrypting builds to avoid detection during scans. This feature ensures that builds remain undetected at scan time, reinforcing the stealer’s stealth capabilities, thus creating the perfect hindering plan for the information stealer.

Additionally, the update includes improvements to the panel’s security and licensing systems. The redesigned panel incorporates enhanced protection measures, while the revamped licensing system aims to reduce operational disruptions for users.

Previous META Stealer Promises and Upgrades 

The makers of META Stealer released the new update on June 17th, 2024 with a special focus on implementing a new system for generating unique stubs per user. This approach enhances individualized security and also highlights the stealer’s commitment to continuous improvement and user satisfaction.

Previously, in February 2023, META Stealer underwent significant updates with version 4.3. This update introduced features such as enhanced detection cleaning, the ability to create builds in multiple formats (including *.vbs and *.js), and integration with Telegram for build creation. These enhancements demonstrate META stealer’s commitment to target unsuspecting victims. 

META stealer continues to evolve with each update, reinforcing its position as a versatile and robust information stealer designed to meet the diverse needs of its user base while continuing targeting victims globally.


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