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Maxicare Data Breach: Probe Launched, Impact Limited

Maxicare assures its members that no sensitive medical information has been exposed.

by Samiksha Jain June 19th, 2024

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Maxicare, one of the leading health maintenance organizations, has reported a security incident involving unauthorized access to personal information. The Maxicare data breach affects approximately 13,000 members, accounting for less than 1% of Maxicare’s total member population. The compromised information pertains to booking requests made through Lab@Home, a third-party home care provider.

Maxicare assures its members that no sensitive medical information has been exposed.

The data breach at Maxicare has not impacted Maxicare’s business operations, network, or customer data. Lab@Home’s booking platform, where the breach occurred, operates on a separate database that is not integrated with Maxicare’s main systems.

“At this point, what we can confirm is that the business operations, network, and customer data of Maxicare have not been impacted in any way. Lab@Home maintains a separate database for booking requests, which is not integrated with Maxicare’s system,” reads Maxicare’s official statement.

Maxicare Data Breach: Immediate Response and Investigation

Upon learning of the potential security breach, Maxicare promptly initiated emergency measures to safeguard the privacy and security of the affected members. The company has launched a comprehensive investigation in collaboration with data security professionals and an industry-leading cybersecurity firm.

“We launched an investigation together with a team of data security professionals and in partnership with
an industry-leading cybersecurity firm,” said a spokesperson from Maxicare. “Our team is fully adhering to all regulatory requirements by the National Privacy Commission. We will continue to communicate with our valued members on this matter.”

Background on the Maxicare Security Breach

The security breach specifically involved the booking platform of Lab@Home, which facilitates home care services for Maxicare members. The information compromised includes details used for booking requests. Importantly, no sensitive medical records were accessed or compromised during this incident.

Lab@Home’s database is entirely separate from Maxicare’s primary systems, which helps contain the breach and prevents it from spreading to other parts of Maxicare’s infrastructure.

Maxicare is taking proactive steps to address the recent security incident involving unauthorized access to member information. Through immediate action, rigorous investigation, and ongoing communication, the company aims to ensure the continued trust and safety of its members. TCE will provide further updates as the situation evolves and more information becomes available.


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