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Malaysia’s RAC Data Breach Exposes Sensitive Information

The RAC data breach, disclosed on the dark web forum, points to leaked employee records purportedly linked to the Railway Assets Corporation (RAC).

by Ashish Khaitan June 6th, 2024

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A hack on Malaysia’s Railway Assets Corporation (RAC) has been reported by a dark web actor. The key entity under Malaysia’s Ministry of Transport was the target of the RAC data hack. The threat actor “billy100” carried out this breach and posted its allegations on the BreachForums platform. 

The RAC data breach, which was made public on a dark web forum, refers to personnel records that have been allegedly leaked and connected to the Railway Assets Corporation (RAC).

There are 481 lines of documents in the compromised database, according to billy100. As evidence, the threat actor provided samples from the CSV files “users_id” and “detail,” which included hashed passwords, email addresses, and usernames.

RAC Data Breach Allegedly Exposes Sensitive Information

Source: Dark Web

Established under the Railways Act of 1991, the Railway Assets Corporation (RAC) is a federal statutory entity tasked with supporting Malaysia’s railway infrastructure. Since its founding in 1992, RAC has played a significant role in bringing the nation’s railway industry up to par with other leading nations. Since the corporation is in charge of managing and growing railway assets, it is very important.

Sensitive employee data is purportedly hidden in the RAC data breach exposed database. Information about several aspects of personnel records is one of the disclosed details. The two main files that make up the stolen data are users_id.csv, which contains vital user information like IDs, names, emails, passwords, and more, and detail.csv, which offers additional in-depth employee information such as personal identifiers, department information, salary, and dates of birth.

Investigation and Cyberattacks on the Railway Sector

Inquiries on the RAC data loss and potential ransomware gang involvement have been made to the organization by The Cyber Express. However, as of the time of this writing, no formal response or statement had been made, so the allegations regarding the RAC data leak remain unsubstantiated. 

Railroads, being essential infrastructure in the digital age, are increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats that endanger both their daily operations and public safety. Attacks on international railway networks in recent times have brought attention to the need for stronger cybersecurity protections. Vulnerabilities brought on by outdated systems, unsecured networking, and IoT devices raise the risks. 

Rail operators need to prioritize asset visibility, implement strong authentication, encrypt communication networks, and keep a stockpile of up-to-date patches and upgrades to strengthen security. Ensuring that staff members receive comprehensive cybersecurity training is also essential. If transportation is to continue being reliable and secure in the future, cybersecurity must be fully integrated into railway operations.


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