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IntelBroker’s Cognizant Data Breach Claim Proves False

The Cyber Express will continue to monitor the situation closely, providing updates as more information becomes available.

by Samiksha Jain July 4, 2024

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Cognizant Technology Solutions, a leading American multinational specializing in IT services and consulting, has provided an update regarding the alleged Cognizant data breach claimed by IntelBroker, a prominent member of the notorious BreachForums.

In response to inquiries by The Cyber Express, a spokesperson from Cognizant confirmed that their investigation revealed the incident involved a cloud-based testing environment with fictional test data.

“We have investigated the claim and found that the impact involved a cloud-based testing environment with fictional test data,” the Cognizant spokesperson told The Cyber Express.

The organization further clarified that no clients or client data were impacted by this event.

“No clients or client data were impacted by this event,” reads the official statement from Cognizant.

The company has not confirmed any other claims regarding the alleged data breach. In a prior statement to The Cyber Express, the spokesperson had stated,

“We are aware of the reports made by a cybercriminal organization, claiming it has targeted some of our services. We take this matter very seriously and we are investigating the validity and extent of this claim.”

Initial Cognizant Data Breach Claims by IntelBroker

Earlier, The Cyber Express had reported that IntelBroker had allegedly leaked a substantial amount of data stolen from Cognizant Technology Solutions.

According to IntelBroker, the leak included a document with 12 million lines from Cognizant’s internal website and user data from the company’s Oracle Insurance Policy Admin System (OIPA), a cloud-based DevOps solution.

The purported leaked file reportedly contained approximately 40,000 user records with various sensitive data fields, such as policy number, role code, client name, company code, state code, role sequence number, arrangement number, arrangement status, start date, start year, end date, end year, draft day, modular amount, and next premium due date.

IntelBroker’s Notorious History

IntelBroker is well-known for high-profile cyber intrusions. The hacker has previously claimed responsibility for a massive data breach involving Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), a leading player in the semiconductor industry. This unverified breach, disclosed on BreachForums, included multiple data samples shared with the forum’s users, raising serious concerns about the security of AMD’s infrastructure. AMD officials have since stated that they are investigating the claims.

IntelBroker’s notoriety is rooted in a history of targeting diverse organizations, including critical infrastructure, major tech corporations, and government contractors. The hacker’s sophisticated approach to exploiting vulnerabilities has enabled access to sensitive information on multiple occasions.

Previous claims include breaches at institutions like Apple, Lindex Group, and Acuity, a U.S. federal technology consulting firm.

Cognizant Technology Solutions‘ prompt response and thorough investigation highlight their commitment to security and client data protection. By swiftly addressing the claims of Cognizant cyberattack and confirming the integrity of their client data, Cognizant has taken an essential step in maintaining trust and transparency with their stakeholders.

The Cyber Express will continue to monitor the situation closely, providing updates as more information becomes available. As investigations continue, it is crucial for organizations to communicate clearly and promptly with stakeholders, providing accurate information about the nature and extent of any data breaches.

By staying informed and prepared, organizations can better protect their digital assets and maintain the trust of their clients and partners.

The Cyber Express remains committed to delivering timely and accurate updates to keep the public informed about significant cybersecurity developments.


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