Hunters Group Hits US Sales Firm, Australian Medical Supplier

As of now, no foul play can be sensed upon accessing the official websites of both organizations, as they were fully functional.

by Samiksha Jain April 29, 2024 in Firewall Daily, Hacker Claims, Ransomware News Reading Time: 4 mins read 0

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The notorious Hunters group has allegedly added two new victims to their dark web portal: in the United States and . While the extent of the cyberattack, data compromise, and motive behind the attack remain undisclosed by the ransomware group, the implications of such an attack on these prominent organizations could be far-reaching.

Rocky Mountain Sales, Inc., with a revenue of US$5 million, is an outsourced sales and service organization committed to providing leading customer service, sales, and support to all strategic partners. Meanwhile, SSS Australia, boasting a revenue of US$17 million, has been synonymous with the highest standards of quality and value in medical supplies for over 45 years.

Given the vastness of these organizations, if the and claim is proven true, the consequences could be severe. Not only could it disrupt their operations, but it could also result in substantial financial losses, tarnishing their reputations and undermining customer trust. The potential compromise of sensitive data, such as customer information, financial records, and proprietary business data, could have long-lasting repercussions for both organizations.

However, as of now, no foul play can be sensed upon accessing the official websites of both organizations, as they were fully functional. To verify the claim further, The Cyber Express team reached out to officials, but as of writing this news report, no official response has been received, leaving the claim unverified.

Hunters International Ransomware Group's Previous Claims

This recent incident follows a string of cyberattacks by the group. In April, SpaceX, the aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company founded by Elon Musk, allegedly suffered a cybersecurity incident involving a data breach by the Hunters group, who reportedly posted samples of the breached data. Prior to that, Central Power Systems & Services, a major distributor of industrial and power generation products in Kansas, Western Missouri, and Northern Oklahoma, fell victim to the notorious ransomware group.

Before these incidents, the group targeted various organizations across different sectors and countries. In 2024 alone, the Hunters International group claimed responsibility for cyberattacks on the Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club in the UK, Double Eagle Energy Holdings IV, LLC in the US, and Gallup-McKinley County Schools in New Mexico, among others.

The cyberattacks by the Hunters International group highlight the need for organizations to prioritize cybersecurity measures and invest in strong defense mechanisms to safeguard their digital assets. Moreover, international cooperation and information sharing among cybersecurity agencies are crucial in combating such threats effectively.

Unverified Hunters Group Claims

While the Hunters International group has claimed responsibility for the cyberattacks on Rocky Mountain Sales and SSS Australia, the lack of verified information about the extent of the attacks emphasizes the challenges in responding to such incidents. Without official confirmation or detailed information from the targeted organizations, the full impact of the cyberattacks remains uncertain.

As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve and ransomware attacks become increasingly sophisticated, organizations must remain vigilant and proactive in protecting their networks and data. The recent incidents involving Hunters International serve as a reminder of the potential consequences of inadequate cybersecurity measures.


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