Hacker Advertises New Click Fraud Software For Google ADS

The threat actor claims that the new click fraud software offers innovative features, capable of depleting competitors' budgets.

by Ashish Khaitan June 13th, 2024

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A threat actor that goes by the name “enlared” surfaced on a dark web forum, offering a hacked method for online advertising: a “New Click Fraud Software for Google ADS.” Priced at $700 per license, this software is promoted as an aggressive marketing tool for online fraud and taking down competitors. 

The new click fraud software, according to the threat actor, had a bunch of practical features that go beyond conventional marketing practices. Specifically, the threat actor claims that the software can drain the competitor’s budget and release multiple attacks. 

“Tired of your competitors beating you on Google ADS? Want to level the playing field and drain their advertising budget? We have the perfect solution for you!”, reads the threat actor post. 

Understanding the New Click Fraud Software for Google Ads

The new click fraud software offers a range of features aimed at fraudsters and creating a hack in the competitive realm of online marketing. Its functionalities include location search change, allowing users to simulate clicks from different geographical areas to bypass detection algorithms used by advertising platforms. 

Additionally, the software utilizes a network of proxies to generate clicks from multiple IP addresses, ensuring user anonymity. Users can also target specific ad domains and customize campaigns by selecting keywords, maximizing their campaigns’ impact and relevance.

How It Operates and Pricing

The software integrates a user-friendly interface, facilitating quick setup and configuration in a matter of minutes. Users have full control over the parameters of their campaigns, from defining target locations and domains to specifying keyword targets. The results are immediate, says the threat actor, with competitors witnessing a rapid depletion of their advertising budgets as the software executes its strategy with ruthless efficiency.

Additionally, the new click fraud software offers remote desktop demonstrations, providing potential buyers with a glimpse into the tool’s potency before making a purchase decision. Priced at USD 700 per license, the software offers a compelling hack proposition for businesses seeking to gain an edge in the world of online advertising. Escrow payments are accepted to ensure security for both parties involved in the transaction.

With its arsenal of advanced features and promise of tangible results, the new click fraud software for Google Ads represents a darker method for competing in the online advertising game. As businesses vie for visibility and market share in an increasingly competitive online sphere, this dark web tool offers a means of cheating and targeting competitors for a very cheap price. 


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