FHC Cyberattack Alert: Members Notified Amid Disruption

FHC reports potential compromise of member contact info and transaction documents in the cyberattack.

by Ashish Khaitan May 24th, 2024

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FIRST Heritage Co-operative Credit Union is updating its customers regarding any irregular financial activities in the coming weeks following a recent FHC cyberattack that disrupted its database.

The credit union disclosed in a member advisory issued on Wednesday that it had been grappling with resolving a system disruption since April 3, 2024. This cyberattack on the credit union had hampered FHC’s access to certain information, causing delays in processing members’ financial requests.

Understanding the FHC Cyberattack

According to FHC, personal data such as member contact details and other documents submitted to facilitate transactions may have been affected by the attack. Despite this, investigations suggest that the credit union’s IT security measures effectively mitigated the risk of unauthorized access to its core systems.

Fortunately, assessments have shown no compromise to the integrity of members’ financial accounts or those of affiliated organizations. FHC acted swiftly upon detecting the breach, collaborating with technology partners to investigate and contain the threat. Subsequent steps included activating data backup and recovery protocols alongside implementing additional security measures.

“However, our investigations so far indicate that our IT security mechanisms were helpful in significantly minimising the risk of access to data on our core systems,” reads the statement by FHC, as reported by Jamaica Observer.

Mitigation Against Fraudulent Activities

As part of its ongoing efforts to upgrade security practices, FHC has initiated a password reset prompt for users of its iTransact banking platform. Additionally, automated tools are being employed to detect and prevent any suspicious activities across accounts and IT infrastructure. The credit union is actively cooperating with cybersecurity and law enforcement authorities in response to the incident.

Members are advised to remain vigilant for any suspicious financial activities and are encouraged to regularly update their iTransact banking passwords. FHC highlighted the importance of using unique passwords for online services and urged caution against phishing emails or unsolicited communications that may follow a data breach.

The cyberattack on FHC coincided with a report by global cybersecurity firm Fortinet, which highlighted Jamaica’s exposure to 43 million attempted cyberattacks in 2023. The Latin American and Caribbean region collectively faced 200 billion attempted attacks, with Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia topping the list.

The Cyber Express has reached out to FIRST Heritage Co-operative Credit Union to learn more about this FHC cyberattack. However, at the time of writing this, no official statement or response has been shared, leaving additional information about the incident pending verification.


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