DarkStormTeam Claims UAE Ministry Of Education Cyberattack

The Ministry of Education website attack is part of a broader campaign targeting pro-Israel affiliated groups.

by Ashish Khaitan June 7th, 2024

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On June 6, 2024, a cyberattack on UAE Ministry of Education’s website was claimed by a dark web actor. The threat actor, called DarkStormTeam, is a hacktivist group that supports Palestine and is infamous for carrying out similar attacks.

As per the threat actor’s post, the UAE Ministry of Education website allegedly targeted in a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The UAE Ministry of Education cyberattack, which lasted for approximately three hours on their official website, allegedly caused disruptions in online services.

The DarkStormTeam published a message outlining their plan to target important government services and Emirati infrastructure. This is because UAE’s allegedly support Israel, in the ongoing cyberware. The cyberattack on the Ministry of Education’s website is believed to be part of their bigger campaign against groups affiliated with countries that support Israel.

The Cyber Express has reached out to the UAE Ministry of Education in an attempt to obtain more information about the cyberattack. However, at the time of writing this news report, no official response was received, leaving the claims unverified.

Understanding UAE Ministry of Education Cyberattack

The UAE Ministry of Education is a crucial federal government organization that oversees all matters pertaining to education within the country. The Ministry is crucial to the growth and management of the UAE’s educational system. It was established in accordance with Sheikh Zayed’s Federal Law No. of 1972.

This is not an isolated incident; DarkStormTeam has been aggressively launching cyberattacks against a various governmental and commercial sector institutions worldwide. In March 2024, the group turned its attention to organizations, focusing on the US, Brazil, Denmark, Egypt, France, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates, among other countries.

Although their precise intentions are still unknown, they might be anything from anti-Israel bigotry to political grievances.

The Rise of DarkStormTeam Hacker Group

It’s worth noting that DarkStormTeam’s activities often include promoting hacking services for hire, suggesting potential financial motivations alongside their ideological objectives. This blend of ideological and potentially profit-driven motives adds complexity to their operations and highlights the challenges in addressing cyber threats posed by hacktivist groups.

This is an ongoing story and The Cyber Express will be closely monitoring the situation. TCE will update this post once it receive more information on the alleged UAE Ministry of Education cyberattack or any official confirmation from the ministry.


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