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Cyble’s ODIN Rolls Out Service Banner Search Feature

This new feature will help users to gain detailed insights about services running on open ports and enhance network security. 

by Ishita Tripathi December 31, 2023 in Business News, Firewall Daily, Press Release Reading Time: 3 mins read 0

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In yet another development in 's latest solution – rolled out ODIN Banners – a groundbreaking feature designed to fortify, proactively manage, and empower cybersecurity experiences.

Banner search feature within the ODIN platform serve as a gateway for users to gain detailed insights about services running on open ports, forming a crucial aspect of their network security framework. 

How ODIN Banners Will Help Users

ODIN Banners offer a comprehensive suite of features aimed at empowering users with enhanced network security capabilities. ODIN users will now be able to rapidly identify operational services on their network or specific systems to uncover exposed services, ports, and potential vulnerabilities effortlessly.

Furthermore, ODIN facilitates the seamless discovery of application versions, providing insights into the age and update potential of an application. This can help mitigate potential risks and enable informed decision-making, propelling organizations forward strategically. 

ODIN continues to excel when it comes to vulnerability assessment, detecting application versions, and flagging known associated vulnerabilities. This crucial feature assists users in identifying potential security risks within their network, offering specific information about Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs).  

ODIN's innovative security prioritization protocols empower users to precisely prioritize vulnerabilities through CVE tagging, enhancing overall operational efficiency while minimizing the exploitation risk.

With detailed vulnerability information at their disposal, users can proactively mitigate risks by applying patches, updating software, or configuring firewalls to ensure their network environments are proactively secured. 

Effortless Exploration of Banners

ODIN Banner Search is effortless, allowing users to gain actionable insights via a streamlined process. Users can directly add the service name into the search field, initiating the search. Users can then select the search option from the dropdown, and after specifying the value, they can initiate the search. 

As they proceed, users will gain access to search results displaying all related IPs linked to the provided value, offering a quick overview of the network landscape. If they want to dive deeper, users can click on a specific IP to reveal detailed information about its services.

To access comprehensive details of the selected IP banners, users can seamlessly scroll down on the IP details page and locate the dedicated Banners option, providing a thorough view of the selected network's banners. 

Discover More About ODIN's Banner Search

Explore the current list of banners here. 

This new feature is just the beginning of Cyble's solution improvements and commitment to empowering users with cutting-edge features and insights. Stay tuned for more updates as Cyble continues to enhance its cybersecurity solutions.  

Visit the page to witness unparalleled network security excellence. 


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