Cybersecurity Threats To Startups: Insights From Irene Corpuz

Irene Corpuz delivered a compelling speech highlighting the increasing risks that cyberattacks pose to startup organizations,

by Ashish Khaitan May 23, 2024

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The prestigious Habtoor Palace in Dubai is currently hosting the highly anticipated The Cyber Express World Cybercon 3.0 META Cybersecurity Conference. This event has drawn cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts from around the globe, eager to engage in discussions and gain insights into the evolving landscape of digital security in the META region. The conference commenced with a welcome note from The Cyber Express Editor-in-Chief, Augustin Kurian, setting an enthusiastic tone for the proceedings.

A standout moment of the conference so far has been the keynote address by Irene Corpuz, a distinguished cybersecurity expert and co-founder of Women in Cyber Security Middle East. Corpuz delivered a compelling speech highlighting the increasing risks that cyberattacks pose to startup organizations, stressing that even small startups are prime targets for cybercriminals.

The Vulnerability of Startups to Cyber Threats

Irene Corpuz emphasized that startups, despite their smaller size and often limited resources, possess valuable intellectual property that can be highly appealing to cybercriminals. “Even small startups are enticing prey to cybercriminals,” Corpuz remarked, underlining the critical need for startups to embed cybersecurity measures from the very beginning of their journey.

Her warning comes at a time when the cybersecurity landscape is witnessing a surge in attacks targeting startups. 

The Imperative of Security by Design (SBD)

Corpuz introduced the concept of Security by Design (SBD) as a crucial strategy for startups to safeguard their operations. SBD involves integrating security measures into every phase of a startup’s lifecycle, from ideation through to scaling and beyond. 

“Every startup should integrate security into the startup lifestyle – do SBD,” she urged. This proactive approach ensures that potential security risks are identified and mitigated early, thereby reducing the likelihood of breaches as the company grows.

Key Practices of Security by Design

Early Identification of Risks: From the initial stages of ideation and prototyping, startups should assess potential security vulnerabilities in their products or services. By addressing these issues early, they can prevent them from becoming significant threats later on.

Implementing Robust Security Measures: As startups move towards launching their products or services, it’s critical to incorporate comprehensive security protocols to protect systems and data from external threats. This includes encryption, secure coding practices, and regular security audits.

Continuous Monitoring and Improvement: Once operational, startups must maintain a proactive stance by continuously monitoring their security posture. Regular updates and improvements to security measures are essential to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.

Rising Awareness and Adoption of Cyber Insurance

The increasing frequency of cyberattacks has made startup founders acutely aware of the risks they face. As a result, there is a growing trend of startups viewing cyber insurance as an indispensable component of their risk management strategy.

A recent survey highlighted that many startup leaders are now prioritizing cybersecurity and actively seeking ways to navigate the volatile threat landscape.

Conclusion: A Call to Action for Startups

Irene Corpuz’s keynote at the ongoing World Cybercon 3.0 META Cybersecurity Conference serves as a crucial reminder of the vulnerabilities that startups face in today’s digital landscape. By advocating for Security by Design and highlighting the importance of continuous monitoring and improvement, Corpuz provided a clear roadmap for startups to enhance their cybersecurity posture.

The rising awareness among startup founders about the necessity of robust cybersecurity measures and the adoption of cyber insurance are positive trends. However, as cyber threats continue to evolve, it is imperative for startups to remain vigilant and proactive in safeguarding their intellectual property and customer data.

As The Cyber Express World Cybercon 3.0 continues, the insights shared by experts like Irene Corpuz will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the cybersecurity strategies of startups across the Middle East and beyond. This conference stands as a testament to the critical importance of cybersecurity in an increasingly digital world.


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