CyberNiggers Group Plans New Site Post BreachForums Shutdown

On May 21, the hacker group hinted at continuing data leak forums' legacy, possibly launching their own cybercrime site.

by Ashish Khaitan May 22nd, 2024

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The CyberNiggers hacker group plans to set up a new web domain of their own after they lost the ability to publicly communicate following the seizure of the BreachForums.

The group on Tuesday shared intentions of taking forward the legacy of the leak forum and possibly creating a similar illicit forum of their own. 

Initially active on ShinyHunter’s BreachForums, CyberNiggers members have been using various platforms for coordination, including a Telegram channel known as ‘Jacuzzi’. However, with the recent seizure of BreachForums by the FBI, the group is evolving its strategies and contemplating the launch of a new forum to address the void left by the closure of BreachForums.

The Aftermath of the BreachForums Seizure 

The seizure of BreachForums by the FBI marks a significant development in the ongoing battle against cybercrime. The platform used by ransomware criminals to sell stolen corporate data has now been brought under law enforcement scrutiny. With potential access to sensitive data such as email addresses, IP addresses, and private messages, law enforcement agencies aim to expose and investigate members involved in criminal activities associated with the cybercriminal forum.

The FBI’s appeal to victims and individuals for information highlights the gravity of the situation, seeking cooperation from the public to aid in their investigations. Dedicated channels have been established for reporting, including email, Telegram, TOX, and a page on the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) portal.

Despite debates surrounding the forum’s status as a potential HoneyPot, CyberNiggers’ activities have transcended speculation. Notably, the group gained attention for allegedly offering General Electrics data for sale towards the end of 2023, showcasing their capacity to target critical entities, particularly in the US.

CyberNiggers Takes Aim at Numerous Targets Within a Short Span

Although the CyberNiggers group is perceived as a relatively small group, their impact cannot be underestimated. Operating within BreachForums, they have attracted the attention of global surveillance agencies, including Five-Eyes. A prominent figure within the group, the Serbian hacker IntelBroker, has assumed a pivotal role, taking many data breaches under his name. 

The leaked data and cyberattacks claimed by the hacker group pose multifaceted risks to targeted organizations and individuals alike. Potential consequences encompass reputational damage, financial losses, and legal repercussions. Moreover, the exposure of sensitive data, such as military files, highlights the broader national security implications of CyberNiggers’ activities.


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