Cyberattack On 1+1 Media Disrupts 39 Ukrainian TV Channels

's official notice suggested strong indications of the involvement of the Russian Federation in the cyberattack.

by Samiksha Jain April 18, 2024 in Firewall Daily, Hacker News Reading Time: 3 mins read 0

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One of Ukraine's major media conglomerates, 1+1 Media, reported a debilitating cyberattack targeting its satellite TV channels. In a statement released on Wednesday regarding the , the media giant revealed that 39 channels, including some of its flagship networks, were rendered inaccessible, marking a significant blow to the country's media infrastructure.

According to the officials, the cyberattack on 1+1 Media, which occurred in parallel with heightened tensions in the region, particularly the “cynical attack” on peaceful Chernihiv, saw deliberate attempts to disrupt satellite communications on the Astra 4A 11766 H transponder.

This transponder hosts the broadcasts of 39 TV channels, including those operated by Vlasna and partner channels under the 1+1 Media umbrella such as 1+1 Ukraine, 1+1 Marathon, 2+2, TET, PLUSPLUS, Bigudi, KVARTAL TV, among others. Consequently, the affected channels experienced temporary slowdowns as efforts to rectify the issue were underway.

Suspected Russian Involvement in Cyberattack on 1+1 Media

1+1 Media's official notice suggested strong indications of the involvement of the Russian Federation in the cyberattack. The pointed to Russia's alleged active jamming of satellite signals belonging to Ukrainian TV channels on the Astra 4A and Hotbird 13E satellites, both operated by European telecommunications companies SES and Eutelsat.

This cyberattack on 1+1 Media marks a concerning escalation in Russia's ongoing efforts to disrupt Ukrainian media and sow disinformation.

The backdrop to this latest 1+1 Media cyberattack is the broader context of cyber warfare and propaganda tactics employed amidst the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

Notably, in February 2024, Ukraine experienced a larger-scale implementation of its TV program on the Astra 4A satellite, which faced immediate challenges due to Russian interference. This pattern highlights Russia's strategic aim to undermine Ukrainian sovereignty and manipulate public perception, particularly in regions adjacent to the conflict zones.

In response to the cyberattack, Ukrainian media outlets issued calls for heightened vigilance and information hygiene among citizens. The dissemination of accurate information amidst a barrage of disinformation campaigns becomes increasingly crucial in safeguarding national stability and countering hostile narratives.

Recommendations were made for alternative means of accessing TV signals, including T2, cable, OTT, and internet-based platforms, to mitigate the impact of future attacks on satellite broadcasts.

Persistent Threat Amidst Allegations

This incident adds to a series of cyber assaults that Ukraine has endured since Russia's full-scale invasion in February 2022. Kyiv has consistently pointed fingers at Moscow for orchestrating these attacks, accusing Russia of employing cyber warfare as a tool to destabilize the country.

Despite repeated allegations, Russian authorities have remained silent on the matter, declining to address accusations of involvement in cyber offensives against Ukraine.

Among the affected media outlets, Ukraine's 24 Channel also reported disruptions to its satellite broadcast, attributing the incident to hackers launching propaganda campaigns.

Despite efforts to restore the signal, the channel encountered persistent attacks, highlighting the relentless nature of cyber threats faced by Ukrainian media organizations.

As Ukraine grapples with the multifaceted challenges posed by cyber warfare, the latest assault on its media infrastructure underlines the urgent need for international collaboration in combating cyber threats and safeguarding the integrity of democratic institutions.


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