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Cyber Risk Scoring With World CyberCon META Cybersecurity

One of the most interesting panel discussions during the The Cyber Express World Cybercon was centered around cyber risk scoring.

by Editorial May 28th, 2024

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The grandeur of Al Habtoor Palace in Dubai set the stage for one of the most significant cybersecurity events in the Middle East: the World CyberCon 3.0 META Cybersecurity conference. This prestigious event brought together leading cybersecurity professionals and industry experts from around the world to discuss pressing issues and emerging trends in the field.

Among the various World CyberCon META Edtion sessions, a panel discussion on cyber risk scoring drew substantial attention, underling its critical importance in today’s digital landscape.

During the session, Waqas Haider, the CISO of HBL Microfinance Bank, served as the moderator and steered the conversation among the panelists that featured Beenu Arora, Co-founder and CEO of Cyble; Azhar Zahiruddin, Director of Data Protection and Group DPO at Chalhoub Group; Ankit Satsangi, Director at Beeah Group; and Suhaila Hareb, ISR Auditor at Dubai Electronic Security Center.

Understanding Cyber Risk Scoring at World CyberCon META Cybersecurity Conference

Beenu Arora, the CEO of Cyble, delivered a global perspective that resonated profoundly with the audience. He highlighted the staggering statistics regarding data breaches over the past few years.

According to statistics, over the past thousand days, more than 50,000 companies worldwide have fallen victim to data breaches.

“In the last two and a half years, let’s say, the last thousand days. Can anybody guess how many companies have reportedly been breached? The number we have exactly at the moment is 50 thousand! So 50 thousand companies, globally, have been breached, in the last thousand days”, said Beenu Arora at The Cyber Express META Cybersecurity Conference in Dubai.

Azhar Zahiruddin emphasized the importance of understanding the evolving nature of cyber threats and the necessity of robust data protection frameworks. He stressed that organizations must stay ahead of threat actors by continuously updating their security measures and protocols.

Suhaila Hareb provided insights into the regulatory landscape and the role of compliance in enhancing cybersecurity defenses. She highlighted the significance of adhering to international standards and the need for regular audits to ensure that security measures are effective and up-to-date.

Ankit Satsangi discussed practical strategies for improving cyber risk scoring mechanisms. He recommended a multi-layered approach to cybersecurity that integrates advanced technologies, employee training, and proactive threat intelligence.

The panelists collectively underline the importance of cyber risk scoring as a tool for organizations to assess and manage their cybersecurity risks. Effective risk scoring enables companies to identify vulnerabilities, prioritize their security investments, and respond more swiftly to potential threats.

Moreover, throughout the discussion, a common theme emerged: the need for better defense mechanisms to fight against online threats. The experts agreed that while technological advancements are crucial, human factors such as employee awareness and training play an equally vital role in maintaining enhanced cybersecurity.

(L-R: Suhaila Hareb – ISR Auditor, Dubai Electronic Security Center; Ankit Satsangi – Director, Beeah Group; Waqas Haider – CISO, HBL Microfinance Bank (Moderator), Azhar Zahiruddin – Director of Data Protection – Group DPO, Chalhoub Group and Beenu Arora – Co-founder and CEO, Cyble)

A Call for Enhanced Defense Mechanisms

The World CyberCon 3.0 META Cybersecurity conference showcased the latest advancements and strategic insights in the field of cybersecurity. The panel on cyber risk scoring highlighted the critical role of this practice in helping organizations navigate the complex threat landscape.

As cyber threats continue to evolve, the insights shared by these industry leaders provide valuable guidance for organizations seeking to bolster their cybersecurity defenses. By adopting comprehensive risk scoring mechanisms and staying informed about emerging threats, businesses can better protect their digital assets and maintain resilience in an increasingly interconnected world.

Apart from this, the META edition of World CyberCon holded several interesting sessions on cybersecurity in the Middle East.


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