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Coinstats Data Breach: 1,590 Wallets Compromised By Hackers

The affected wallets, constituting about 1.3% of all Coinstats wallets, were primarily those created directly within the app.

by Ashish Khaitan June 24th, 2024

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Crypto portfolio tracking app Coinstats has found itself at the center of a security breach, impacting approximately 1,590 user wallets. The Coinstats data breach, which occurred on June 22, 2024, has been attributed to a group with alleged ties to North Korea, marking a concerning development for crypto investors. 

Coinstats swiftly responded to the breach by taking down its application temporarily. This proactive measure was aimed at containing the data breach at Coinstats and preventing further unauthorized access to user data and funds. 

The affected wallets, constituting about 1.3% of all Coinstats wallets, were primarily those created directly within the app. Fortunately, wallets connected to external exchanges and platforms remained unaffected, providing some relief amidst the security scare.

Understanding the Coinstats Data Breach 

Source: Coinstats on X

In a public statement addressing the breach, Coinstats reassured its user base that the incident has been mitigated, and immediate steps have been taken to secure the platform. Users whose wallet addresses were compromised were advised to take action by transferring their funds using exported private keys. A spreadsheet link was provided for users to check if their wallets were among those affected.

CEO Narek Gevorgyan highlighted the seriousness of the situation, acknowledging the challenges posed by the Coinstats cyberattack while emphasizing Coinstats’ commitment to restoring normal operations swiftly and securely. Gevorgyan outlined that comprehensive security measures were being implemented during the restoration process to fortify the platform against future vulnerabilities.

“We’re actively working to bring the app back online as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience,” stated Gevorgyan in an update shared via Coinstats’ official channels.

North Korea-linked Hackers Behind the Data Breach at Coinstats

The revelation of North Korea-linked hackers being behind the breach adds a geopolitical dimension to the Coinstats data breach incident, highlighting the global reach and sophisticated tactics employed by cyber threat actors targeting digital assets and platforms. This aspect of the breach highlights the need for heightened cybersecurity measures across the cryptocurrency sector.

In a similar case, another crypto firm, BtcTurk faced a cyberattack on its hot wallets on June 22, 2024. Binance Binance CEO Richard Teng confirmed this attack, pledging ongoing support for BtcTurk’s investigation. Cryptocurrency investigator ZachXBT hinted at a possible link between the breach and a $54 million Avalanche transfer. 

Coinstats users have been urged to remain vigilant and monitor their accounts closely for any unauthorized transactions or suspicious activities. The company assured its users that it is actively investigating the extent of funds moved during the breach and pledged to provide updates as new information becomes available.

In response to the breach, regulatory bodies and industry stakeholders may scrutinize Coinstats’ security practices and response protocols. The outcome of such scrutiny could influence future cybersecurity standards within the cryptocurrency industry, potentially leading to more stringent requirements for platform security and user protection.


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