Barclays And HSBC Bank Data Breach Claimed By Hacker Duo

A closer look at the sample data reveals three distinct datasets, each containing transaction records with detailed information about financial activities.

by Ashish Khaitan May 9, 2024 in Dark Web News, Firewall Daily, Hacker Claims Reading Time: 3 mins read 0

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Hackers and have claimed a data breach allegedly impacting HSBC Bank and Barclays Bank. The , along with the breach at Barclays reportedly occurred in April 2024, involving a security incident through a third-party contractor, ultimately leading to the leak of

The compromised data, which was being offered for sale on , allegedly includes a wide array of files such as database files, certificate files, source code, SQL files, JSON configuration files, and compiled JAR files. Preliminary analysis suggests that the data may have been sourced from the services provided by Baton Systems Inc., a post-trade processing platform, potentially impacting both HSBC Bank and Barclays Bank.

However, Baton Systems has not shared any update on this alleged attack or any connection with the sample data provided by the threat actor.

Hacker Duo Claims Barclays and HSBC Bank Data Breach

Barclays Bank PLC and The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) are the primary organizations reportedly affected by this breach. With operations spanning across the United Kingdom, United States, and regions including Europe and North America, the threat actor threatens the banking systems and probably targets customers' data, however, there has been no evidence of such data getting leaked. 

Source: Dark Web

In a post on Breachforums, one of the threat actors, IntelBroker, shared details of the Barclays and HSBC Bank data breach, offering the compromised data for download. The post, dated May 8, 2024, outlined the nature of the breach and the types of data compromised, including database files, certificate files, source code, and more.

The post also provided a sample of the leaked data, revealing a mixture of CSV data representing financial transactions across different systems or entities.

While talking about the stolen data, IntelBroker denoted that he is “uploading the HSBC & Barclays data breach for you to download. Thanks for reading and enjoy! In April 2024, HSBC & Barclays suffered a data breach when a direct contractor of the two banks was breached. Breached by @IntelBroker & @Sanggiero”.

A Closer Look at the Sample Data 

A closer look at the sample data reveals three distinct datasets, each containing transaction records with detailed information about financial activities. These records encompass a range of information, from transaction IDs and timestamps to descriptions and account numbers involved. The datasets provide a comprehensive view of various transactions, offering valuable insights for financial analysis and tracking.

The Cyber Express has reached out to both the banks to learn more about these alleged data breaches. HSBC Bank has denied these allegations about the breach, stating, “We are aware of these reports and confirm HSBC has not experienced a cybersecurity incident and no HSBC data has been compromised.”

However, at the time of writing this, no official statement or response has been shared by Barclays, leaving the claims of the data breach related to Barclays stand unverified.

Moreover, the two hackers in question, IntelBroker and Sanggiero, have claimed similar attacks in the past, targeting various global organizations. In an exclusive interview with The Cyber Express, one of the hackers, IntelBroker shed light on their hacking activities and the motivations behind their operations. IntelBroker had also praised Sanggiero from BreachForums for “his exceptional intellect and understated contributions to the field are deserving of far greater recognition and respect.”


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