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Axis Finance Limited Appoints Praveen Mishra As CISO And SVP

In his new role as CISO and SVP at Axis Finance Limited, Praveen Mishra will leverage his experience to enhance the company’s information security posture.

by Samiksha Jain July 3, 2024

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Axis Finance Limited, a prominent non-banking financial company, has announced a strategic leadership appointment that is set to strengthen its information security and compliance framework. Praveen Mishra, a seasoned expert in IT risk management and security, has been named Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Senior Vice President (SVP).

This appointment marks a significant step for Axis Finance Limited in its ongoing commitment to enhancing its cybersecurity measures and regulatory compliance.

Source: Praveen Mishra’s LinkedIn Post

Praveen Mishra’s Extensive Background in IT Security and Compliance

Praveen Mishra joins Axis Finance Limited with a distinguished career at Axis Bank, where he held various pivotal roles that honed his expertise in IT risk management, compliance, and security. His journey at Axis Bank began as an operations trainee, but his dedication and strategic acumen quickly propelled him through the ranks to become Vice President.

In this capacity, he oversaw numerous regulatory compliance projects and provided critical advice on technological regulations.

During his tenure at Axis Bank, Mishra spearheaded several key initiatives, including the development and implementation of IT risk frameworks and conducting thorough IT audits. His leadership in ensuring adherence to ISO standards was instrumental in maintaining high levels of security and compliance within the organization.

Praveen’s strategic approach to IT security involved not only the formulation of comprehensive security strategies but also the meticulous allocation of budgets to support these initiatives. His focus on risk mitigation measures was always balanced with a keen understanding of the importance of user experience, ensuring that security protocols did not hinder the efficiency and effectiveness of technological operations.

New Role and Responsibilities at Axis Finance Limited

In his new role as CISO and SVP at Axis Finance Limited, Praveen Mishra will leverage his experience to enhance the company’s information security posture. He will be responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance across all technological operations and driving initiatives that safeguard the company’s digital assets. His appointment is expected to bring a renewed focus on cybersecurity, aligning with the company’s strategic goals of maintaining high standards of security and compliance.

The appointment of Praveen Mishra as CISO and SVP represents a strategic move for Axis Finance Limited, reflecting the company’s dedication to strengthening its cybersecurity and compliance frameworks. Praveen’s extensive background in IT risk management, his leadership in regulatory compliance, and his strategic vision for information security make him an ideal choice for this critical role.

As Axis Finance Limited continues to grow and expand its operations, Praveen’s expertise will be instrumental in navigating the challenges of the digital landscape. His proactive approach to security and compliance will help ensure that the company remains at the forefront of the financial industry, delivering secure and efficient services to its clients.


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