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Apple AirPods Firmware Update Fixes Bluetooth Security Flaw

The AirPods vulnerability (CVE-2024-27867), found by Jonas Dreßler, allowed attackers in Bluetooth range to spoof devices and access AirPods.

by Ashish Khaitan June 27, 2024

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Apple has taken steps to enhance the security of its popular AirPods lineup by addressing a critical Bluetooth vulnerability through a new firmware update. This AirPods firmware update,  identified as Firmware 6A326 and 6F8, is aimed at several models including AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, Powerbeats Pro, and Beats Fit Pro.

The AirPods vulnerability tracked as CVE-2024-27867 and discovered by Jonas Dreßler, posed a potential risk where attackers within Bluetooth range could spoof a user’s device and gain unauthorized access to their AirPods. This issue highlights the importance of timely updates to protect Apple devices from cyberattacks. 

AirPods Firmware Update Fixes Major Bluetooth Vulnerability

Initially, Apple’s AirPods firmware update patch notes appeared routine, mentioning “bug fixes and other improvements.” However, further details on Apple’s security website revealed the update’s critical nature, specifically addressing an authentication issue with improved state management related to Bluetooth connections.

For affected users, the AirPods firmware update will be applied automatically when AirPods are paired with an iPhone or another compatible device. To verify the update, users can check the firmware version by navigating to Settings > Bluetooth on iOS devices or System Settings > Bluetooth on Macs.

This proactive approach highlights the regular updates required by devices regardless of operation systems. By promptly addressing vulnerabilities such as the AirPods vulnerability, Apple aims to create a safer digital environment for its users worldwide.

Fixing Several Apple Product Vulnerabilities

Beyond addressing the AirPods vulnerability, the firmware update also includes general bug fixes and performance improvements. This comprehensive approach ensures not only enhanced security but also a smoother user experience across the AirPods ecosystem.

Users are encouraged to stay vigilant and keep their devices updated to the latest firmware version. This practice is crucial for safeguarding against potential security risks and maintaining the integrity of personal data.

Apple’s dedication to security is further demonstrated through its adherence to industry-standard practices, including not disclosing specific security issues until patches or releases are available and thoroughly tested. This approach ensures that users can trust Apple products to protect their privacy and security effectively.

For more detailed information about the update and additional security-related matters, users can visit Apple’s official security updates page and review the comprehensive product security documentation available.


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