Apex Legends Hacking Incident: NA Finals Postponed

The incident happened during the wherein two players inadvertently faced a game hack.

by Ashish Khaitan March 18, 2024 in Firewall Daily, Main Story Reading Time: 4 mins read 0

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Today, the official Apex Legends Esports on X (formerly Twitter) announced a bombshell: the NA finals have been postponed due to concerns over compromised competitive integrity. This decision has reverberated throughout the gaming community, especially among Apex Legends enthusiasts, prompting heightened security measures.

The Apex Legends hacking incident happened during the NA Finals wherein two players, Genburton representing team DarkZero and ImperialHal from Team SoloMid (TSM) inadvertently faced a game hack.

While live-streaming their gameplay on Twitch, the incident occurred. In the case of Genburton, it seemed that his game had been compromised, with a wallhack being enabled, granting the player the unfair advantage of seeing through walls.

Apex Legends Hacking Incident: What Happened?

Key highlights from this Apex Legends hacking incident include the postponement of the North American Finals due to the video game breach breach, with reports surfacing of professional players being equipped with aimbots and wallhacks mid-tournament. The video game hack has not only targeted the gamer's code but has also raised broader concerns about the security infrastructure of Apex Legends.

To break it down further, the Apex Legends hack unfolded during the , where the competition was abruptly halted following the intrusion of aimbots and wallhacks, compromising the gameplay of two prominent players. 

The incident has left the gaming community on edge, with fears mounting over the susceptibility of their accounts and the overall safety of the game. This heightened anxiety was further fueled by reports of a player being banned for utilizing an aimbot cheat before the tournament was halted entirely by Respawn.

Source: Apex Legends Esports on X

In response, Apex Legends Esports stated that they will be halting the NA finals until more information is gathered about the incident. “Due to the competitive integrity of this series being compromised, we have made the decision to postpone the NA finals at this time. We will share more information soon”, reads the announcement by Apex Legends Esports.

The Biggest Hacking Incident in Apex Legends Global Series

Source: Anti-Cheat Police Department on X


During the ALGS Regional Finals, Gen Burton, a professional player representing Dark Zero, became a victim of hacking during a crucial match. In a brief moment captured on video, a box appeared in the game interface, indicating the presence of cheats such as Aimbot. Following this, Burton gained unfair advantages, being able to locate every opponent and discern their health and shield status.

The chat box accompanying the hack revealed the presence of the hacker, identified as Destroyer 2009, who had caused similar disruptions in past tournaments. Notably, Destroyer 2009 had previously orchestrated a situation for another player, Imperial H, involving a lobby of bots targeting him during ranked gameplay.

The details of the hack, including specific cheat features like compensation, target lock, and auto-fire, further highlights the extent of the breach. This intrusion, seemingly executed client-side within the private lobby, indicates a concerning vulnerability in the game's security measures.

The incident has prompted discussions about the necessity for stronger anti-cheat protocols within Apex Legends, particularly to prevent such occurrences during high-stakes tournaments.

A Potential RCE Exploit

Source: Anti-Cheat Police Department on X

Amidst the video game hack, questions loom large over the scope of the intrusion. Speculation abounds regarding the potential vulnerability of the entire player base, with some creators reporting suspicious activity on their PCs. While concerns persist about the possibility of widespread infiltration beyond the professional gaming sphere, however, no evidence has been found linking these events. 

Moreover, according to the Anti-Cheat Police Department, the Apex Legends hacking incident occurred due to a RCE (Remote Code Execution) vulnerability. The source of this vulnerability, whether from the game itself or the anti-cheat system (@TeddyEAC), remains uncertain. The anti-cheat service provider also advised players to avoid EAC-protected games and EA titles until official guidance is provided.

The hackers behind the RCE exploit could inject cheats into the streamers' systems, potentially enabling malicious actions like ransomware installation. The Anti-Cheat Police Department issues a serious warning, especially to ALGS tournament participants, advising immediate steps to protect personal data. This includes changing Discord passwords, securing email accounts, and implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

The Cyber Express sought clarification from Apex Legends regarding the alleged video game breach, but as of now, no official response has been received, leaving the gaming community in limbo regarding the true extent of the Apex Legends hacking incident.


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