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American Express Notifies Customers Of Third-Party Breach

is urging affected users to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to protect their accounts.

by Samiksha Jain March 5, 2024 in , Firewall Daily Reading Time: 3 mins read 0

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American Express, a prominent American bank holding and financial services company, has issued a notification to its customers concerning a data breach linked to a third-party service provider. Contrary to initial reports, an American Express spokesperson clarified that these incidents did not constitute a breach of American Express or any of its third-party vendors. Instead, they occurred within the infrastructure of a merchant or merchant processor, entities commonly engaged by numerous merchants rather than directly by American Express.

“The incidents that you are inquiring about occurred at a merchant or merchant processor and were not an attack on American Express or an American Express service provider, as some media outlets have erroneously reported. Because customer data was impacted, American Express provided notice of the incidents to Massachusetts agencies and impacted customers who reside in Massachusetts, told the American Express Spokesperson to The Cyber Express, regarding the nature of the data breach.

This disclosure of the American Express data breach was made in a notification filed with the state of Massachusetts.

: Precautionary Measures

In light of this data breach, American Express is actively implementing measures to minimize the risk of fraudulent activities. Affected users are being advised to remain vigilant and to take necessary precautions to safeguard their accounts. Importantly, American Express reassures its cardholders that they are not liable for any fraudulent charges incurred on their accounts.

The company employs advanced monitoring systems and internal safeguards to detect and respond to suspicious activities promptly. Furthermore, customers are encouraged to regularly monitor their account activity and report any suspicious incidents immediately.

Additionally, American Express is committed to providing ongoing support to affected customers, especially those with multiple Amex cards involved in the breach. The company will continue to communicate with customers regarding any developments related to the incident.

For enhanced security, customers can opt to receive free fraud and account activity alerts via email, SMS text messaging, and notifications through the Amex app.

“If we see there is unusual activity that may be fraud, we will take protective actions. We also recommend customers regularly review and monitor their account activity, and immediately contact us if they detect any suspicious activity. For added protection, customers can receive free fraud and account activity alerts via email, SMS text messaging, and/or notifications through our app,” Amex Spokesperson told further to The Cyber Express.

Affected customers are advised to review their accounts for any signs of fraudulent activity regularly. American Express recommends monitoring account statements closely over the next 12 to 24 months to detect any unauthorized transactions promptly.

The company is closely monitoring accounts for any signs of fraud and has implemented additional security measures to prevent future breaches.

Staying Vigilant Against Cyber Threats

The third party serves as a reminder of the ongoing threat posed by cyberattacks and highlights the importance of enhanced cybersecurity measures for both companies and consumers.

American Express remains dedicated to safeguarding its card members' personal and financial information and encourages customers to take proactive steps to protect themselves against the risks of fraud and identity theft.

As part of its commitment to transparency and accountability, American Express has provided additional resources and guidance to affected customers to help them navigate the aftermath of the Amex data breach.

The company is committed to keeping its customers informed about security concerns and will continue to prioritize the security and privacy of its card members' information.

By working together to implement strengthened security measures and staying informed about emerging threats, we can collectively combat cybercrime and protect against data breaches.


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