Alleged DragonForce Cyberattack Targets Two New Victims

Interestingly, both victims' websites remain operational, showing no immediate signs of the cyberattacks.

by Ashish Khaitan May 15, 2024 in Dark Web News, Firewall Daily, Hacker Claims Reading Time: 3 mins read 0

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The notorious has expanded its list of victims, adding two new names to their dark web portal — Malone & Co and Watt Carmicheal. In a dark web post on their platform, the threat actor boasted about their latest conquests. 

The first victim, Malone & Co, a prominent accounting firm based in Ireland, seemed to have fallen prey to the . The post provided details about the company's services and location, indicating a breach of sensitive information.

Similarly, Watt Carmichael, a reputable investment management firm in Toronto, Canada, found itself ensnared in a similar situation by the . However, despite their claims, both the cyberattacks are unverified.

DragonForce Cyberattack Targets Two New Victims

The Cyber Express has reached out to both organizations to learn more about this alleged DragonForce cyberattack. However, at the time of writing this, no official statement or response has been shared, leaving the claims for the DragonForce ransomware attack unverified. 

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Interestingly, both victims' websites remain operational, showing no immediate signs of the cyberattacks. This discrepancy adds another layer of mystery to the unfolding situation. 

Moreover, along with the cyberattack post, the DragonForce ransomware group stated that it had access to 15.34 GB of data associated with Malone & Co. The hacker group has shared a deadline of 16 days before the data gets published. 

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As for the second alleged victim, Watt Carmicheal, the hacker group claims access to 27.3 GB of data, and no ransom deadline was shared. The threat actor, DragonForce, has used the same modus operandi to target similar victims in the past. 

Who is the DragonForce Ransomware Group?

DragonForce, a hailing from Malaysia, is infamous for its relentless cyberattacks on government institutions and commercial entities, primarily in India. Their targets extend beyond geographical borders, with a particular focus on websites affiliated with Israel while advocating for pro-Palestinian causes.

Utilizing a variety of tactics such as defacement attacks, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, and data leaks, DragonForce demonstrates a high level of adaptability and sophistication in their operations. This versatility has enabled them to evolve their strategies over time, staying one step ahead of their adversaries.

Embracing their role as vigilantes for the people, DragonForce Malaysia boldly proclaims its mission on various online platforms, including social media giants like Facebook, YouTube, and X (formerly Twitter). Through these channels, they amplify their voice, connecting with like-minded individuals and fostering a sense of community among Malaysian cybersecurity enthusiasts.

Central to DragonForce's ideology is their staunch advocacy for the Palestinian cause. Their actions speak volumes, from high-profile hacks targeting Israeli networks to broadcasting messages of solidarity through unconventional mediums like TikTok.

Despite their formidable capabilities, DragonForce does not operate in isolation. Collaborative efforts with other local hacker threat groups have been reported, highlighting the interconnected nature of the hacktivist groups.


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