Alabama State Cyberattack Confirmed By Officials

Alabama officials, including Jeremy Ward, confirmed the disruptions and worked tirelessly to mitigate the impact of the intrusion.

by Ashish Khaitan March 14, 2024 in Firewall Daily, Hacker Claims, Hacker News Reading Time: 2 mins read 0

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After the hacker group claimed responsibility for a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, the Alabama state government acknowledged the breach. Jeremy Ward, a spokesperson for Alabama's Office of Information Technology, confirmed the and led efforts to minimize its effects.

However, officials have neither confirmed the name of the hacking group responsible for the Alabama state cyberattack nor denied the involvement of Anonymous Sudan, leaving the situation in a state of uncertainty.

Utilizing the InfraShutdown tool, the highlights the increasing prowess of the hacktivist group, showcasing their adeptness in deploying DDoS attacks against governmental entities worldwide.

Decoding the Alabama State Cyberattack

Over several days, the cyberattack targeted Alabama's state infrastructure, causing intermittent disruptions on numerous government agency websites. The DDoS attack targeted three key government agencies in Alabama, including the State of Alabama, the Office of Information Technology, and the Alabama Supercomputer Authority.

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Although the attack did not result in data theft or network breaches, it caused disruptions to online services provided by these agencies.

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Anonymous Sudan, the group behind the cyberattack, claimed responsibility for the incident, citing reasons such as drawing attention to the situation in Sudan and protesting perceived support for Israel by the United States.

The group, known for its participation in DDoS attacks against various targets worldwide, has been a cause of concern for governments and organizations globally.

In addition to the cyberattack on government websites, the city of Birmingham also faced computer network issues, further highlighting the vulnerability of critical infrastructure to cyber threats. 

Who is the Anonymous Sudan Hacker Group?

Anonymous Sudan, a self-proclaimed hacktivist group from Sudan, has been associated with cyber incidents worldwide, mainly conducting DDoS attacks. Despite claiming grassroots origins, they've been linked to pro-Russian, anti-Western agendas. 

Emerging in a Russian-speaking Telegram channel, they targeted entities opposing their views on Islam or Sudan-related issues, favoring pro-Kremlin goals. Their targets range from airlines to hospitals, with concentrations in the USA, NATO countries, and former Soviet bloc nations. 

Anonymous Sudan strategically times attacks for maximum impact, often boasting on social media. Their attack patterns predominantly involve multi-vector assaults, utilizing both TCP-based and UDP reflection/amplification vectors. Despite efforts to track them, their use of DDoS-for-Hire services and obfuscated infrastructure make attribution challenging. 


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